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ECC 2023 – 44th European Congress of Cytology, Budapest 1-4 October 2023

Dear Colleagues,We would like to inform you that the 44th European Congress of Cytology will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 1-4 October 2023.

The homepage of the congress is already active:

You are kindly invited to visit the homepage and sign up for the newsletter. We also request you to distribute the information among your members.The two leading mottos of the conference are „combined intelligence” and „melting point”.“The diagnosis by aspiration is as reliable as the combined intelligence of the clinician and pathologist makes it.” (Stewart, 1933). This statement is still true in the 21th century, in the century of data based combined natural and even artificial intelligence.The melting point of a substance is the temperature at which a solid and liquid phase may coexist in equilibrium. It is desirable the reach this equilibrium of different ideas and thoughts in all facets of cytopathology. The Congresses main purpose in finding the acceptable equilibria points following discussions, debates during sessions, slide seminars, Companion Meetings and every official and private exchange of thoughts – using everywhere the combined intelligence.By this letter we would like to invite all member countries to hold Companion Meetings at the congress.For the Companion Meetings the congress offers:A time slot of 45-60 minutes.A breakout room for 50-100 PAX equipped with general conference audio-visual technique (no microscopes).Advertising the meeting in the Scientific Program based on the information from the “Companion” on the website and in Final Program (on- and/or off-line)The Companions are kindly requested to:Inform us that they would like to organize a meeting, preferably before 30 September 2022.Compile the scientific contents of the meeting.Arrange for the registration of all speakers.We look forward to hearing from you soon and meeting you in Budapest next year.Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Curso Interventional Ultrasound for Pathologists

23 a 24 de novembro de 2023

SONOSTORE.GE Healthcare, Madrid

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The SIAPEC and ASC Joint Cytopathology Workshop

Data: 15 e 16 de dezembro de 2023

Local: Hotel Best Western Ai Cavalieri, Palermo

Programa e boletim de inscrição > aceda aqui

Limite de participação: 200 inscrições online e 90 inscrições presenciais

Destinatários: Biólogos, Anatomo-patologistas, Técnicos de Laboratório Biomédico

4th EFCS Joint Webinar

4th EFCS Joint Webinar / Tema: Citologia Ginecológica

14 de março de 2024

14:00h CET / 13:00h de Lisboa

Inscrição gratuita mas obrigatória. Inscreva-se aqui

Organização conjunta das Sociedade Italiana de Citologia & Sociedade Romena de Citologia

Consulte aqui o programa do Webinar